Registration for winter semester 2022/23

Dear Students,

please be informed that in case of failing some course(s) in the previous semester(s) you need to submit the request for registration to next semester with ECTS credit deficit (maximum deficit: 15 ECTS). It should be addressed to the Deputy Dean (prof. Edyta Kucharska – Automatics and Robotics, Computer science, prof. Marcin Baszyński – Electrical engineering). The document is to be found here:

The document should be submitted also in case of failing a course with 0 ECTS.

It can be left in the box, in front of room 29, B1 building.

Deadline: 23rd of September.

After positive decision of the Dean – student status for winter semester will be updated and the retake payment will be charged in USOS.




fee payment for winter semester: 30th of September.

retake payment: 15th of October

Info for polish students of Computer science: proszę dokonać opłaty czesnego dopiero wówczas, gdy w USOSweb zostanie naliczona należność za semestr zimowy.

Info for foreign students of Computer science: if you intend to make the fee payment in PLN, please let me know ASAP. In case of making the fee payment in EUR, make sure to send me the confirmation afterwards. Thank you.